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New Boats for Sale in Sardinia Italy

If you’re looking for new boats for sale in Sardinia Italy, then you’re in the right place! With our international staff at BSardegna and vast experience, we can make the boat buying experience easy and enjoyable. Our range of of new Beneteau boats is  one of the best selections of sailing boats, motorboats there is.

Oceanis 51.1

Oceanis 51.1

To be considered as the first work of a new generation, ultra-comfortable and even faster than its predecessors, the Oceanis 51.1 announces itself as the most customizable and trendy cruising sailboat on the market.

new boats for sale in Sardinia

Oceanis 31

Of the new boats for sale in Sardinia this is the first boat in the range. The Oceanis 31 retraces the same line as its older brothers, bringing together elegance and ingenuity, to help you make a success of your cruises…


Oceanis 35.1

Faithful to the spirit of the latest generation and on the model of the 41.1, the Oceanis 35.1 combines excellent performance and sailing comfort. With new interiors and redesigned external lines, the Oceanis 35.1 …

oceanis 38.1

Oceanis 38.1

The Oceanis 38.1 combines functionality, performance and elegance with great ingenuity in a type of boat where function generally predominates over customization: the Oceanis range is increasingly …

oceanis 41.1

Oceanis 41.1

Direct heir of all models, owner of a range that no longer needs any introduction, the new Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 proves to be a concentrate of performance and intelligence. With …

oceanis 45

Oceanis 45

Onboard the Oceanis 45 balance reigns supreme: everything is in its place on this beautiful sailboat that is suitable for various life programs on board. It is equipped with a multitude of intelligent details:

Oceanis 48

Oceanis 48

Luxury in complete discretion: perfectly integrated design, space and functions, beauty of the wood and harmony of colors. The mineral structure, the clean and slender lines…

oceanis 55

Oceanis 55

This cruise ship with modern and clean lines, contains the codes of contemporary design, promoting an ultra comfortable interior where calm, serenity, pleasure, freshness and space!

oceanis 60

Oceanis 60

The intense blue hull signs the maxi-yacht spirit of this new Oceanis, full of sensations. With the original deck plan, an internal line served by noble materials and elegant finishes perfectly combines comfort at sea…

oceanis yacht 62

Oceanis Yacht 62

With a line that can stand out, elegant on the water, surrounded by large windows, its appearance announces an exceptional boat. Bathed in light thanks to large portholes on the sides…

sense 51

Sense 51

Thanks to its strong profile and adventurous spirit, the Sense 51 awakens the desire to explore. From bow to stern, it manages to amaze thanks to a completely new organization of life on board.

beneteau sense 57

Sense 57

Sailboat to navigate off the coast with a bold concept, the Sense 57 is the crowning glory of a range created for adventure. Thanks to an extremely fluid circulation on board, a unique style and access …

Beneteau First 20

First 20

An optimal synthesis between safety and performance, the First 20 2015 edition maintains their characteristics of handling and easy maneuverability. The First Twenty takes on a more…

beneteau first 25

First 25

An optimal synthesis between safety and performance, the First 25 2015 edition maintains its characteristics of handling and easy maneuverability.
The aerodynamics of the hull…

beneteau figaro 3

Figaro Beneteau 3

The Figaro Beneteau 3 is the first standard monotype foil monohull ever conceived to be a concentrate of technology and innovation. Read more about this unique vessel by clicking the link below…


Motor Boats

If you are interested in New Boats for sale in Sardinia especially; Beneteau Motor Boats, then make sure to click the link below, or get in touch with us via email or phone. 

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